Community Programming

The Butte Theater Foundation is dedicated to providing a creative home for our local community to experience, explore and participate in the Arts.
Our Community Season of theater runs from January-May and provides free movie nights, affordable tickets to see professional touring acts, a community theatre production, and a community talent show.
Teller County is full of both artists and art lovers and we are so excited to celebrate that with you! The Butte Theater Foundation is also committed to helping grow opportunities for art outside of our space. If you need help with your event, a space to hold meetings, support for your organization – let us know!
Together, let’s continue to explore and celebrate art here in Cripple Creek.

2020 Community Season TBA! Check our facebook page for updates. 

Community Season 2019

The Community Season provided by…

Learn more about the excellent work CCI is doing to support Arts in Colorado at


Film Nights provided by the wonderful folks at Cruise Above the Clouds. Check out their great work in Teller County at


Auditions for our 2020 Community play will be in January, 2020. Check back here or on our facebook page for updates.