West End Performing Arts Complex

Presented by The Butte Theater Foundation

The Vision


Located directly west of the theater, The Star Building is currently being leased and used as our scene and costume shop. A beautiful building with a grand staircase, The Star has enormous potential.



Located just west of The Star, The Horseshoe is a building of historical significance complete with lobby, stage, bar, and upstairs space.


We are working to raise $1,000,000 in funding that will help us expand our facilities. Our objective is to b able to purchase The Star and Horseshoe, and to grow our facilities to include:

– A new entrance to the theater
– An expanded lobby and bar space
– A stage for small performances
– Added restrooms
– Artistic and Cultural galleries
– Display space for local businesses
– Added event space
– Artist residences


With an expanded lobby, an added
bar and cabaret seating area, an a small performance stage, we have developed a Projected Revenue Plan that will help support the maintenance of the complex. We will be able to hold small performances before and after shows, and expand our bar and concession revenue. With these added income opportunities, we will be able to earn enough additional revenue to reach sustainability.


We are committed to the growth of our creative community in Cripple Creek and Teller County. By engaging our pool of local artists, small businesses, craftsmen, and volunteers, the West End Performing Art Complex will create a space for bringing together artists and showcasing our wonderful history and culture.

Donate Today!


Donate today and have your name displayed on one of these areas of the Complex

Staircase (1) : $50,000
Bar (1) : $40,000
Entrances (3) : $20,000
Cabaret Seating Area (1) : $15,000
Art Gallery (2) : $10,000
Scene Shop (1) : $5,000
Costume Shop (1) : $5,000
Prop Shop (1) : $5,000
Purchase a personalized tile for $500 and we’ll place it on the floor mosaic directly in the entrance to The Star!

Mail your check to: 

The Butte Theater Foundation
Attn: The West End Performing Arts Complex
PO Box 743
Cripple Creek, CO 80813